AmeVRica will be the first Cross platform , Decentralized, Open Source, Blockchain Governed, MMORPG/Virtual Reality hybrid World with a Cryptocurrency based Hunter Gatherer Economic System.

About AmeVRica

To get to AmeVRica we need to build The Ethereum Teleporter – “The First Wonder of Virtual Reality”

The initial crowd funding goal for the Teleporter Token is $50,000,000.

The task of developing the Ethereum Teleporter will be undertaken by NEVERDIE studios in partnership with Portalarium and gamers. We will create gamified teleporter construction, defense and mining jobs. After the sale is complete, Teleport Tokens with a $10 million USD market value will be allocated to pay gamified wages. NEVERDIE Studios will develop the API for the telportation system and port of entry into AmeVRica and between other worlds and games.

After the port of entry into AmeVRica is completed, colonization will start and an additional 1 billion dollars will be raised to finance the expansion of the teleportation network. $400 Million will be allocated to pay gamified wages and $600 million will be allocated to fund system and content development by a wide variety of studios.

Each Teleport Token will provide proof of citizenship of AmeVRica and the ability to utilize the teleport system. It will also provide an individual holder with the right to vote for game and Dapp developers who will be selected to develop AmeVRica.

Of the 10 billion Teleport Tokens created, 1.5 Billion tokens will be sold to fund initial development, 5 billion tokens will be allocated only to be looted, mined and crafted by users throughout AmeVRican games and DApps and the remaining 3.5 Billion Teleport Tokens will be reserved.

Get Tokens

Currently the only way to get VR Gold is to participate in the TELEPORT Token ICO. Currently you get 30 VR Gold Per 1 ETH as a bonus to your Teleport Tokens.

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